House With The Blue Door Deluxe Clear LP + Signed Music Video Film Piece + Digital Album


This set contains the House With The Blue Door Store Exclusive Deluxe Clear LP + digital download & Signed Music Video Film Piece.

Each film piece is mounted to A5 card & are unique frames (may not arrive as pictured).


  1. Lum Chum
  2. Shooting Star
  3.  Gimme
  4. House With The Blue Door
  5. Father Son Holy Mountain
  6. Control


  1.  Go!
  2. Nothing (To You)
  3. Speak
  4. I Wanna Be A Mother
  5. All Your Life


“It’s about family, childhood, and the difficult relationship we have with the past. I think your early-twenties is about coming to terms with your childhood, especially after finishing high school and experiencing more of the world. Starting therapy really made me realise how much emotional baggage I was holding onto, and this record was made while I was unpacking all of that. I finished this album right before my 22nd birthday, so it felt nice to encapsulate my adolescence in one statement. For a while it was hard for me to listen to, just because of the headspace I was in while making it, but now it brings me a lot of joy and it gives me closure to finally release it." explains Nick.

Digital album will be delivered via email on 4th October 2024.
Please note: Digital downloads will only be available to Australian customers. Digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1KHZ/24-bit audio files.

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